AeroControlex is pleased to announce that AAR Supply Chain Inc. will now act as the exclusive world-wide distributor for the APU lube pump products.


Over the years, AeroControlex has designed and installed Flux Mapping Systems used in nuclear applications. These systems have been designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions found inside the power plants. AeroControlex’s systems are used to measure a power plant’s efficiency throughout its operation. A combination of design efficiency and robustness have resulted in a successful product, exceeding customer expectation. Due to the infrequency of the operation, our products have been know to last for decades without requiring repair or replacement.

A Flux Mapping System is an Electro-mechanical System consisting of a Control Console which is remotely located, a Detector Drive Assembly, and Associated Components that provide paths for the movable detectors to travel into and out of the reactor core. The Flux Mapping System, provides optional modes of operation, to produce a Flux Map which is recorded on the Control Console. The Flux Mapping System provides a means of passing a Neutron Sensitive Detector axially through a reactor core and simultaneously recording data which constitutes a Flux Map basis for fuel management.

Flux Mapping System Components

  • Control Panels
  • Real and Rotary Drive Assemblies
  • 5 and 10 path units
  • 2 path units, if required

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