AeroControlex is pleased to announce that AAR Supply Chain Inc. will now act as the exclusive world-wide distributor for the APU lube pump products.

Aircraft Fuel Pumps

AeroControlex is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft fuel pumps for the aerospace market. Our products are customized to meet new development requirements and solve existing problems.

AeroControlex has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of aircraft fuel pumps for transfer, jettison and boost applications. These pumps are either shaft or electric motor driven, and often designed as modules to incorporate numerous other functions such as bypass, relief, and pressure. Each aircraft fuel pump is designed and sized to meet the flow and pressure requirements needed while optimizing weight, envelope, power draw and durability. Please see the table below for the typical operating parameters of these pumps.

Fuel Pumps Typical Pressure Range (PSIG) Typical Flow Range (GPM) Typical Shaft Speed (RPM) Typical Fluid Usage Comments
Gear Pump
(Fixed Clearance)
5-500 Discharge 1 - 5 5,000 - 8,000 Fuel, Lubrication Oil Cavitation Sensitive
Fixed Plate Clearance
Bolted Assembly
Moderate Envelope
75-85% Efficiency
Positive Displacement
Gear Pump
300-3000 Discharge 0.2 - 12 4,000 - 8,000 Fuel, Hydraulic Oil Cavitation Sensitive
Pressurized Bearings
Large Envelope
Requires Relief Value
85-95% Efficiency
Positive Displacement
Centrifugal 20 - 150 Discharge 5 - 35 6,000 - 12,000 Water, Fuel, Coolant Insensitive to Contaminant
Insensitive to Cavitation
Shrouded or Un-shrouded
Can Run Dry
30 - 40% Efficiency
Not Positive Displacement

AeroControlex designs and manufactures fixed clearance gear, positive displacement gear, gerotor, and centrifugal pumps for applications in lubrication, scavenge, fuel, coolant, potable water and hydraulic systems. Our capabilities include electric motor driven and direct drive pumps.

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