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Ball Bearing Control Cables

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Ball Bearing Controls High Efficiency & Minimal Backlash

The AeroControlex ball bearing control provides a highly efficient and accurate system which maximizes load capability while minimizing backlash. This control consists of three stainless steel blades, or races, separated by two rows of free-floating stainless steel balls positioned by stainless steel or Teflon ball guides.

The stainless steel center race (Figure 1) serves as the action element and transmits the load through the control assembly. The accuracy and efficiency of this actuation is enabled by the rows of ball bearings on either side of the center race element (Figure 2). Ball guides are used to separate and position the bearings for optimum performance. These positioned bearings are then encased by outer races (Figure 3). The outer races carry the reactive loads. During installation, these outer races are allowed to move relative to the center race to compensate for the bends in the routing of the control. This compensation allows for maximum efficiency along longer operating lengths and greater output load capabilities.

This "stack" of races, balls, and ball guides is radially supported by a flexible stainless steel casing. This casing may be sealed from the operating environment with a vinyl or other protective cover (Figure 4). A cross section of the ball bearing control "stack" is shown on the "Design Overview" page. (Figure 1).

During installation, the "stack" is allowed to helix within the casing enabling multiplane bending. This is an important feature for addressing complex routings through structures. The installation, also illustrated on the "Design Overview" page (Figure 2) depicts a typical multi-plane aircraft installation.

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